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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

US National Soccer Team Striker Charles Davies Seriously Injured in Car Crash

MEXICO CITY - AUGUST 12:  Jonny Magallon #2 of...
Charlie Davies, striker for the US national soccer team, has been seriously injured in a car accident.

He was one of two passengers in the car, which crashed in Washington DC on the George Washington Parkway. The other passenger a young lady of 22, Ashley Roberta was killed in the crash.

Davies' injuries included a shattered right leg, and a lacerated bladder. Doctors predict that it will take him six to twelve months to recover.

He will most likely have to miss playing for the US in the World Cup in June next year.

He was playing for the team against Honduras last Saturday. The win against Honduras got a place for the US in the World Cup.

In July 2009 Davies signed up with the French Football Club Sochaux-Montbéliard in French Ligue 1, which is the top division in French football. Sochaux is a strong team and recently won the French Cup in 2007.

Photo above: Charlie Davies 

Photo middle right:   Magallon (Mexico) and Charlie Davies (USA) clash during the FIFA World Cup Qualifying soccer match at Azteco Stadium in Mexico City, August 12, 2009

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Friday, September 4, 2009

LeGarrette Blount Goes Haywire - Video

The LeGarrette Blount incident is causing an uproar. People are disgusted with his behaviour.

After his team, the Oregon Ducks, lost in an upset to Boise State, Blount attacked and punched Byron Hout, and continued hitting even after Hout fell down.

Blount offered an apology later, saying that he lost his head. No doubt about that, but his actions were totally unacceptable and who needs a player who can lose his head like that?

The video is no longer available!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Golden Girl Caster Semanya Receives Royal Reception in South Africa

Caster Semanya arrives home in South Africa, receiving from her supporters a rousing reception befitting a royal.

Semanya was shot to fame by her stunning 800m win in the World's Athletics Championships in Berlin last week. Then controversy reigned as it became widely known that the  International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) had demanded that Semanya should take a gender test hours before her win.

She was so upset that she almost refused to accept the gold medal at the podium.

South Africa has strongly rallied behind her, and the women's league has accuse the IAFF of launching a vicious attack on the dignity of Semanya and all women athletes.

Caster Semanya has been hailed as "our first lady of sport", as the message on one poster reads.

Her family are frustrated and bemused by the gender controversy. Semanya  was born and grew up as a girl throughout all of her 18 years.

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